Safety is a major concern to us, care should be taken with all combustible products.


Paper should not be stored near any ignition source.
Never store stacked paper more than waist height, there is a danger that the paper may fall. Ensure that the paper does not get damp as it may become combustible where it is stored.

Paper logs stored laying down will roll, care needs to be taken to ensure any stored logs cannot suddenly roll from a stacking area or from the fire  when placed in the fire to burn.
The best way to store made logs is on end although there is a tendency to store logs laying down as it looks better.

There is a need to cut paper to use the Paper Log Roller Box, as with all knives care should be taken to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
Do not use craft or small bladed knives when cutting newspapers, use a large knife such as a carving knife.
Never cut towards yourself or anyone else.

Take safety seriously and you will be confident in using the Paper Log Roller Box.


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