The Log

The Paper Log Roller Box produces logs to the highest quality in a short time with little effort. Below shows a paper log that I have cut through to show how compacted the paper is.

DSC00023You can see that there are no air spaces through the layers of paper forming the log, this prevents the log from burning fiercely and brings it as close to wood as possible. Once the log is in a well controlled burning fire it will turn to a glowing charcoal that will burn longer than wood of the equivalent weight and size.
The heat output is that of a hardwood log and the amount of ash that is produced is relevant to using any solid fuel coal or coke.

The biggest logs weigh in at around 0,750kg (1lb 6oz) of solid paper that takes around 4 minutes to make with ready cut paper.

Logs can be made to meet the size and type of fire.

DSC00029This all achieved buy one product, safely and with little effort.


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