The Narrowboat

Narrowboat-InsuranceOver the past 20 years or so I have taken people on narrowboat holidays mainly elderly or disabled people, so we understand the environment those who live aboard their narrowboat have in respect of storage and space.
The Paper Log Roller box originally was going to be a table top version which was cumbersome and left little room for successful operation.
It was purely by accident the floor standing design was thought of and since that time we have bought the product on in leaps and bounds to what we have today.
Anything that is bought aboard the boat needs to be used and above all functional. The Paper Log Roller box offers exactly this, as a means of supplying free fuel to your log burner and useful piece of furniture that can be used as a stool, small table or stand. Designed to conveniently fit under a work surface or be stored in a cupboard.
There is no need to make masses of logs taking up valuable storage space as logs can be made when needed, at a size and quantity suitable for your fire. No Mess! No Fuss! made within minutes and above all, ready to go into your fire.
We kept the wood that is used to make the roller box without varnish or colouring simply because we felt that the natural product lends itself to this kind of environment, however we realise that there may be some of the narrowboating fraternity who may wish to put their stamp on our product. If that is the case then all we ask is that you contact us to ask permission to ensure that you do not invalidate your warranty. Contact
We will of course want a picture of our product along with permission to enter it into our website.
It is hoped that our product can offer a route to free fuel which will supplement the costly logs and other fuels needed to keep warm aboard this winter.


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