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  1. I bought one of these paper log roller boxes back in the summer. I am now well and truly prepared for winter. It is soooo easy to use, and Alex came and showed us how to use it. We have do made a stack of logs, but to be honest they are so easy and quick to make you don’t really need to do that. We put the log on under the ashes of the wood and coal and it was still alight the following morning.
    I would highly recommend this and will be recommending this to all my friends that have a wood burner. Money well spent.

    1. Thanks for your review Jos, I know that you have looked at other products for making paper logs. Indeed it is so easy to make logs that huge stocks are not needed. Glad that the demo was helpful wishing you all the best.

  2. The box was well packed and delivered promptly. I’ve found it quick and easy to use with the resulting ‘logs’ being a great, free source of heat.,

    1. Thank you for your review, we hope that your PaperLogRollerBox will give you good service and of coarse save you money in supplementing your fuel costs. All the best.

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